Shipping methods – Calzature Sacchi Pavia

Shipping methods

Shipments to Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and the European Union* are made by courier SDA or DHL and are free.

The VAT and other taxes on transport in cases when due, shall be borne by the customer and are clearly stated in the order.

Nothing is more due by the customer with respect to the total shown at the end of the purchasing process.

The DDP shipment (Delivery Duty Paid), depending on the nationality of the customer are provided for the EU countries, in this case VAT is already calculated and included in the purchase price.

The product delivery time is approximately 4 days for the European Union and 2 working days for Italy, San Marino and the Vatican City, the parties will not be responsible for the delay in fulfilling their obligations under the agreement if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond their control, even in case of malfunctions and inefficiency of the shipper and the internet in the event that you are unable to execute on schedule.

EU countries are, therefore are subject to VAT 22% sales to customers in the following states: Austria, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, the United Kingdom (UK) , Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta.

Countries outside the European Union: Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey
* For countries outside the European Union any customs duties will be charged to the customer
** For delivery in Turkey please indicate in the notes your VAT Number (if company), Fiscal Code (if private client), Passport number (for residents in Turkey but not Turkish nationality).


The availability of the products refers to that present at the time when the customer see the product sheets, this must still be regarded as purely indicative because the effect of the possible presence in the more contemporary users site, the products could be sold to others before the confirmation.

If the products featured on the site are no longer available for sale at the time the order will be edited by promptly disclose to the customer the eventual unavailability of products ordered and refund the purchase price if already paid.

To avoid problems, indicating the address for delivery a manned PLACE, ie a place where there is someone who can pick up the package, for example a house with concierge, an office, a shop etc.

As required by the rules of the trade, all of shipments are accompanied by receipt stating the value of the individual items in Euro.

For items on sale the receipt shows the discounted amounts.